Made for Event Managers by Event Managers.

Made for Event Managers by Event Managers.

Increase Participation using Event App


Encouraging attendees to be active participants throughout the event.

  • Polls

    Interactive polls with live results to get everyone involved.

  • Surveys

    Increasing return rates of surveys tenfold with a fantastic user experience.

  • Reminders

    Notifications will let people know when they can take part.

Our first attempt at a custom conference app was a huge success. The simplicity of design and fully customized features helped us achieve almost a 90% download rate. Don't settle for out of the box, get your own app your way and contact the iEvent App team.


Having trouble getting people involved?

Our app has increased participation rates for polls and surveys by 5x. Don’t miss out on all that data.

Connecting people

Events are all about networking. We help people stay in touch.

Cutting costs

Go digital and eliminate the need to print expensive directories.


Your guests have all the information at their fingertips. Update anytime.


Ten times more people will respond to surveys and polls.

Staying informed

With alerts and reminders, you can reach out to everyone at anytime.